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Come discover the beauty of Key West’s underwater wildlife in undisturbed Ibis Bay. The water is only three feet deep, so boats can’t access it and it’s perfect for swimmers and snorkelers of all ages and swimming proficiency. For a truly unique experience, you can even explore the bay after dark with our exclusive LED-lit kayaks and paddleboards.

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Clear-Bottom Tours

Ibis Bay Paddle Sports offers the island’s best guided clear-bottom kayak and stand-up paddleboard tours. The tours traverse beautiful Ibis Bay during the day or after dark with our exclusive Nightboarding tours. You’ll be treated to a fun, informative tour with our expert guides who know all about the local ecosystem and the island’s history. Simple enough for guests and adventurers of all ages, the kayak and stand-up paddleboard tours provide a glimpse into the amazing underwater world at Ibis Bay.

Ibis Bay Exclusive: Nightboarding Tours!

By using a brand new invention — super-bright waterproof LED lights that can be attached to a kayak or paddle board — Ibis Bay Paddle Sports offers sunset tours that are unlike any other nature tour you can find in the Florida Keys. A lot of sea creatures are much more active at night, such as lobsters, crabs, rays and certain species of fish, so Nightboarding lets you see the bay like never before.